this is us

PHOTO: Hyggelig photography

We are Stina and Peter. Peter has a beard, Stina has not. Well not yet anyway.

We met on a dating site in 2006, long before it was socially acceptable. We’ve been together ever since and married for a decade. Yep, we’re just that old. Deal with it. 

Peter enjoys puns, BJJ (nope, not a typo, that’s brazilian jiu-jitsu and nothing else), lagers, motorcycles and having play wrestling matches with puppies on the ground. 

Stina enjoys terrible tv shows, prosecco, IPAs, gardening (thank you lock down), super mario and making pasta. So much pasta. 

We spend 9 months of the year in Australia and 3 months in Sweden, because we’re both from there originally. 

PHOTO: Maria Luise Bauer

PHOTO: Maria Luise Bauer