Morgan & Alister

Morgan & Alister Some people will be so afraid of rain. Especially on their wedding day. And sure, there’s saying about good luck and what not but what they should be talking about is THE BLOODY BRILLIANT LIGHT IT BRINGS. Seriously, rain is one of our fave lights. And as long as you let go […]

Frank & Scout

Frank & Scout This gorgeousness is what you get when you team up with a group of incredible vendors to give away a free tiny wedding. Frank & Scout actually didn’t know much of what was going to happen on the day, except getting hitched. The decorations, the setup, the music, the food – it […]

Ant & Adz

Ant & Adz These two adorable people met at the gym. Not just any gym, a crossfit gym. So what better place to get hitched than in that gym? Which is probably the prettiest bloody gym we ever have seen. It also included two dogs (one as the ring bearer!), and a dinner at an […]

Pink lake

Pink lake This styled shoot elopement was small and sweet but epic and awesome in one great package. Turns out all you need is a gorgeous pink lake, a cute af couple, and some banging tunes from Fidel & Sarah VIDEO Photos

Bree & Rhys

Bree & Rhys All you need is a gold sequin dress, a fluffy dog and a whole heap of tattoos. Then you’ve got the trifecta of everything I love to shoot. Not that I don’t love other things too, but this is just extra. This one wedding really doesn’t require any more descriptions, just a […]

Magic Bus

Magic Bus Some styled shoots are a little bit more extra than others. Especially when Good Day Club is in charge of the creative brief.  VIDEO Photos