let's break it down now

We’re all about non-traditional celebrations of love. Weddings filled with fuck yeahs, laughter and a massive amount of dance floor antics. 

we promise to

Not make you feel awkward

Because awkward is just NOT fun for anyone, plus looks like hell in photos. So we say screw it to any stuff poses! In fact we say no to poses completely. Instead we give you things to talk about or things to do – stuff that will ACTUALLY make you have fun, laugh and whatnot. Guaranteeing an actual fun time + great af photos. 

Bring the party!

Yes we will shower you in confetti (enviro friendly, obviously!). Yes we will have shots with you if you want (but only one, because RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE DOING OUR JOBS) and we will for SURE throw our fiercest dance moves on your dance floor. We can’t promise they’re good, but that will never stop us! 

Give you some KILLER photos + videos

Obviously. You ALWAYS get: 

5-10 sneak peek photos the next morning

Sneak peek video within a week

A crazy heap of images within 6 weeks

And one smashing highlight video within 10 weeks

stuff people ask

Is it just the two of you?

Yep, it’s just us, and always us. We’re no studio with a rando rocking up on your day. It’s a bearded weirdo and an orange haired one.  

Do you only shoot weddings in Melbourne?

Heck to the no! Just because we’re based out of Melbourne doesn’t mean we only photograph stuff here. We have been known to travel interstate + international. Just enquire for travel pricing. 

So how much will this party set me back?

Just a bit. 8,100 is the average of what our couples spend on us both. Just enquire to get our full price list for extra hours, travel and whatnot. 

Sounds grand, how do we book it in? 

Click the contact at the top, fill in that swell contact form and we’ll get in touch with our detailed price list. After that we meet up/Zoom and have a quick chat before sending you a fancy ass contract. We’ll talk you through it! 

All clear? Get in touch for more info! BAM