Covid Safe Plan

Ensure Physical Distancing

We, and any assistants at all, will always keep a minimum of 1.5m distance between us and the clients. 

Any client meetings will be done via phone or Zoom. 

Face Masks

Like a Bonfire will always sport a face mask during any photography sessions of any kind. The mask will be new or cleaned for each shoot. 

We ask clients to only remove face coverings when they are actively photographed or filmed, in agreement with the face covering mandates. At all other times a face covering should be worn.

Practise Good Hygiene

We will always carry hand sanitiser to every shoot, and will make it available to clients. 

Any and all equipment used will be cleaned between every shoot.

We ask that clients no longer handle any of the photographer’s equipment, such as loading in and out of cars, or carrying items. 

In the same way the photographer, videographer and/or assistant will no longer handle any of the client’s personal items. This means for example that we no longer will offer to help take photos with client’s phones. 


If we are feeling unwell we will no longer attend any shoots, but will self isolate until test results are back and we have recovered. Either another photographer or videographer will be assigned (for sessions that cannot be moved) or the sessions will be postponed to a new date. 

If we are confirmed to have COVID-19 we will self isolate for a minimum of 14 days. 

Record keeping

Records of all our clients, shoots, movements and contact details will be kept. This includes records of other suppliers if relevant. 

In the event that we become unwell within 14 days of a session, we will get in touch with the clients and any suppliers to inform them of the situation. We will keep them updated on the results. 

Are you booked in but feeling under the weather? 

If you or your family member/partner are feeling unwell and are showing any flu-like symptoms, please get in touch as soon as possible. Any photography or videography sessions will be postponed without any additional charges. 

Should we be unable to capture your session or wedding due to the virus or self isolating the following will happen: 

a. If it is a wedding we will organise for another amazing photographer and/or videographer to take our place on the day. All post production would be done by us and the end product would be just what you are expecting. 

b. If it is a session that is not time dependent, we will organise postponement of your session to a new date.