Morgan & Alister

Some people will be so afraid of rain. Especially on their wedding day. And sure, there’s saying about good luck and what not but what they should be talking about is THE BLOODY BRILLIANT LIGHT IT BRINGS. Seriously, rain is one of our fave lights. And as long as you let go of the thought of a “perfect event” (which to be quite frank, never happens anyway, so screw that idea from the get go! Focus on more fun stuff!) and go with the flow – you’ll have an absolutely stunning day! 

Morgan & Alister did just this. It was raining by the bucket on their day and their outdoor paddock ceremony was a no go. But no worries – all the people were crammed into the gorgeous little barn and their stellar Bangin Hangins backdrop worked a treat there too! We ducked out for portraits when there was a break in the rain (I have the BEST rain tracking app!) and the day was a flurry of awesomeness. Just as any wedding should be, with or without rain.

We just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH again for the amazing work you did not only on our wedding day but leading up to it. The preview shots you have sent through we just cannot stop looking at and are getting so many wonderful comments about them.

You made the planning process so effortless and fun for us and on the day were just amazing ducking us out quickly for more shots. I am glad we got the good photographer weather on the day as the white and grey and colours just pop so amazingly!

Thank you so much again

– Morgan & Alister



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